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Announcement for the 2024 Swire Masters Degree Scholarship Programme

Please use the link provided below to access and download the scholarship application form.

The Finlays Community Trust is pleased to announce the opening of applications for the 2024 SWIRE Masters degree scholarship programme, offered in the United Kingdom (UK). The scholarship programme targets students who have completed an Undergraduate programme; graduated with a Second-Class Upper division or above and are residents of the Bomet and Kericho counties. They should have applied and received admission letters to a recognised university in the UK at the time of application.

The scholarships which target suitable candidates from Bomet and Kericho Counties, are offered by SWIRE, the parent company of Finlays, and administered by Finlays Community Trust. The programme was inspired by the need to provide beneficiaries with unique technical and soft skills, allowing them to compete in both the local and global labour markets. By exposing the students to different cultures, they are able to expand their personal and professional networks which are key to the development of their communities.

Two students are chosen each year through a highly competitive process to pursue a master’s degree at a university of their choice in the United Kingdom. Since its inception, the scholarship has benefited 23 students at a cost of Kshs 103.9 million. Finlays Community Trust believes that investing in our children’s education today has a better return on investment for the community and society as a whole in future.

The dully filled application form should be addressed to: The Chairperson, Finlays Community Trust, P.O Box 223 20200 Kericho Kenya. The form can also be emailed to or dropped off to James Finlay Kenya’s headquarters in Chepkembe on or before April 30, 2024.

For more information, please visit the Corporate Affairs office in Chepkembe or call 0705572073.