Finlays Community Trust Launches Inaugural TVET Scholarship Awards

…Forty students will be awarded TVET scholarships annually to study at Belgut and Konoin Technical Training Institutes.

Kericho, 30 May 2024…. The Finlays Community Trust today awarded 40 students bound to join Belgut and Konoin Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutes with a scholarship to cover their education. The TVET Scholarship Program represents a significant new milestone in the Trust’s commitment to supporting the education sector.

The program aims to provide financial assistance to deserving students, enabling them to access quality technical education and develop both technical and soft skills essential for success in the local job market. The students who hail from Bomet and Kericho counties will also receive a toolkit worth Ksh 50,000 from the Trust at the end of the program. The overall scholarship cost is approximately Kshs 8.3 million.

In addition to the scholarships, the Finlays Community Trust has partnered with its co-founder, Browns Plantations Kenya Ltd to provide attachment and employment opportunities for qualified TVET graduates upon completion of their courses. Further, the Trust has also contributed to the development of educational infrastructure in the TVET sector through the construction of a civil workshop in Chepseon Youth Polytechnic, Kericho County.

Speaking during the award ceremony, Chairperson of the Trust, Bishop Alfred Rotich said, “Education plays a pivotal role in our society’s future. At the Finlays Community Trust, we recognize and value the community’s need for human capital, and providing scholarships is one of the most reliable ways to foster long-term growth and sustainability in this area. Since education is a resource that no one can take away from children in our community, we are driven to make sure they have access to it. I urge all the beneficiaries to approach this new stage of education knowing that they are bright and can conquer any challenges as they have a community behind them.”

The Finlays Community Trust, which was inaugurated in 2021, has significantly contributed to the empowerment of the youth through our annual scholarship programs and the development of educational infrastructure. The Trust has invested Kshs 305.6 million in over 76 education infrastructure projects across Kericho and Bomet counties. These projects encompassed the construction of classroom blocks, science laboratories, libraries, dormitories, and a dining hall.

With the launch of our inaugural TVET scholarship program, the Trust now provides scholarships for all education levels; from secondary school, TVET, undergraduate studies (within local universities), and postgraduate programs (in the United Kingdom). To date, the scholarship initiatives have benefitted 586 secondary school students, 40 TVET students, 400 undergraduate students, and 23 graduate students in Kericho and Bomet counties at a cost of KSH 284.5 million. These investments have not only improved access to quality education but have also catalyzed economic progress within these communities, instilling a spirit of innovation and creativity, and nurturing self-resilience amongst key members.

Further, the Trust has also held mentorship sessions at St. Monica Chebangang Girls’, Chepkoton, Sosiot Girls, Cheborge Boys, Cheborge Girls, Kapkisiara Girls, Chebonei Girls, and Tenwek Boys secondary schools since the program’s commencement in mid-last year; enabling students to grow wholesomely thereby giving them the necessary life skills to navigate life after school and succeed in their careers.

Commenting on the award ceremony, Principal Secretary of, State Department for Technical, Vocational Education and Training, Hon. Dr. Esther Thaara Muoria said, “We commend the Finlays Community Trust for its continued dedication to fostering education and empowering the youth in Kericho and Bomet. The government will continue to engage and partner with all stakeholders to ensure that all Kenyan students have equitable access to quality education, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and employability opportunities for the benefit of their communities and the posterity of Kenya”.

The Finlays Community Trust, which is co-funded by Browns Plantations Kenya and Finlays, is an independent charity that aims to deliver maximum social, environmental, and economic benefits by taking a collaborative approach to working with the local communities in Bomet and Kericho counties. The Trust has made significant efforts to empower local communities and has continued to make a positive impact on society through scholarships, student mentoring programs, educational infrastructure projects, water projects, and environmental conservation initiatives.


About the Finlays Community Trust

The Finlays Community Trust is an independent charity that empowers communities and nurtures sustainable growth in Kericho and Bomet Counties. Funded by Browns Plantations Kenya (previously James Finlay Kenya) and Finlays, the Trust aims to deliver maximum social, environmental, and economic benefits by taking a collaborative approach and appointing trustees who represent local communities, thus creating shared value. By partnering with the community, we ensure the Trust invests in and supports the projects and initiatives that have the most meaningful and enduring impact.


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