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FCT Chairperson’s Remarks

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to our partners, James Finlay (Kenya) Limited for their continued support to the local communities. The company has made major strides in creating a positive and sustainable impact through their work with the Finlays Community Trust.

The Trust seeks to empower communities and nurture sustainable growth in Kericho and Bomet Counties. These communities better understand their needs and pain points and now have an opportunity to harness their full potential through acquiring knowledge, skills, expanded access to resources and networks. Our objective is to support the local communities while at the same time, ensure we are providing sustainable development for the long-term impact of the two counties.

The Finlays Community Trust plans to be an integral part of the community; working together to provide new areas of partnership and development. Building new projects from the ground up has proven to be the most effective way of creating long-term impact. The Trust aims to build great relationships with members of the community in order to create better outcomes, more ownership and get unique perspectives on what is best for the community.

To members of the local community, we value your opinion and are ready to listen to your needs. The Trust will keep an open-door policy when it comes to community engagement. We will be organizing local meetings where members of the community can share their issues and have discussions on the areas that need support in Kericho and Bomet. We look forward to creating more unity within our communities and helping each other grow.